How To Apply

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Please scroll the the board you are interested in applying for a license with and then click the appropriate link:



CPA Requirements

Licensing Requirements & Exams

Alarm Systems Contractors

Apply for a Registered Employee license

Apply for an Alarm Contract Company License

Architects & Engineers

A&E requirements

Apply for A&E license

Athletic Commission

Apply for a license from the Athletic Commission

Apply for an Event Permit

Forms required to apply


Apply for an Affiliate Auctioneer license

Collection Services

Apply for an initial Collection Agency license

Contractors and Home Improvement

Apply for a Contractor license

Apply to be a Limited Licensed Plumber (LLP)

Apply to be a Limited Licensed Electrician (LLE)

Apply for a Home Improvement license

Cosmetology and Barber

Aesthetician requirements

Cosmetologist requirements

Cosmetology Instructors requirements

Manicurist requirements

Natural Hair Stylist requirements

Master Barber requirements

Barber Instructor requirements

Barbershop requirements

Cosmetology, Manicure, Skin Care, Manicure/Skin Care, Natural hair shop requirements

Court Reporters

Apply for an Initial Court Reporter license

Apply for a Temporary Court Reporter license

Debt Management Provider

Apply debt management

Funeral Directors, Embalmers & Burial Services

Apply for a funeral directors, embalmers & burial services license

How do I become a Funeral Director

How do I become an Embalmer?


Requirements for registration as a geologist

Apply for a geologist license

Home Inspectors

Apply for a Home Inspector license

Land Surveyors

Apply to be a Land Surveyor-in-Training

Apply for a Land Surveyor license

Motor Vehicle

Minimum Requirements for Tennessee Motor Vehicle Dealer License

Dealer Initial Application

RV Dealer Initial Application

Salesperson License Initial Application


Motor Vehicle Auction License Initial Application

Minimum Requirements for Tennessee Dismantler and Recycler License

Dismantler & Recycler License Initial Application

Private Investigation and Polygraph

Licensure and Certification Requirements Private Investigation and Polygraph

Private Investigation and Polygraph initial application

Private Probation Service

Private probation company

Private probation company initial application

Private Probation initial application

Private Protective Services

Requirements Unarmed Guard

Requirements Armed Guard

Requirements for Certified Trainer

Requirements Contract Security Company

Requirements for Proprietary Security Organization

Initial Application for Private Protective Services

Real Estate Appraisers

Requirements Registered Trainee, State Licensed Appraiser, State Certified Residential Appraiser, State Certified General Appraiser

Real Estate Appraiser Initial application

Apply for an upgrade to State Licensed Real Estate Appraiser

Apply for an upgrade to State Certified General Appraiser

Apply for an upgrade to State Certified General Appraiser

Real Estate Commission

Affiliate Broker, broker, and firm requirements

Initial Real Estate application

Scrap Metal

Apply for a Scrap Metal license

Soil Scientists

Apply for a Soil Scientist license

Soil Scientists Sole Proprietorship, Partnership or Corporation Disclosure




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