Tennessee Cosmetology/Barber Apprenticeship Program

Jason S -

As of 10/1/21 the Apprenticeship program will now include students attending school to become Barbers.

They will follow the same requirements as the Cosmetology apprenticeship program.

It is optional for schools to participate. The new rules will require a student to initially be enrolled as an apprentice student, first complete 750 classroom hours, pass the theory exam, then engage in apprenticeship with a pre-approved (with the school) salon/mentor who will log and report hours and student progress to the school.  You cannot enroll as a traditional student and then transfer to the apprentice program.  The mentor must have been licensed for a minimum of 10 years and the supervising licensed professional’s license must be current at all times while providing supervision. The apprenticeship program works as a one-on-one relationship. The mentor, or supervising professional (as stated in the Rule) can only take on one student at a time. The shop must post a sign that apprentice students practice in the shop (at least 8X10) but it is not limited to the number of apprentices, only that each one is under one “supervising professional”. Last but not least, the student must have their own work space. 

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