What is required of the Promoter before the Professional event?

Rhonda -
  • No later than 35 days prior to the event, submit the completed event permit form; the $300 fee; proof of medical insurance covering the combatants in the amount of not less than $20,000; the contest sheet (list of combatants); and a list of ring officials from which the Commission may assign to the event.
  • Submit a Promoter application to include:  $50 application and $500 licensing fee; two photographs; a Surety Bond executed to the State of Tennessee in the amount of not less than $25,000; if requested, fingerprint cards.  (See question 5 for Licensees.)
  • Immediately notify the Commission’s director of any change in the contest sheet.  The contest sheet shall be deemed final seven (7) business days prior to the event.
  • If the Commission’s director determines that a proposed event would not be appropriate, the director shall so advise the promoter within five (5) days after receipt of the application submitted.  Unless the director is offered evidence or argument which causes him or her to reverse that determination, such event shall not be utilized and the applicant may appeal the director’s decision to the Commission.
  • File with the Commission’s director, a copy of any and all contracts entered into for the sale, lease, or other exploitation of broadcasting, television or motion picture rights for any professional contest at least seventy-two (72) hours before the event.
  • Inform all prospective participants that it will be necessary for them to be duly licensed by the Tennessee Athletic Commission.


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