What are the Promoter's responsibilities at the event site?

Rhonda -
  • Assure that the ringside physician is seated so as to have immediate access to the ring.
  • Ensure that acceptable sanitary standards are met with dressing rooms, water bottles, towels or other equipment.  
  • Assure that the ring is swept, dry-mopped or otherwise adequately cleaned before the event and prior to each fight. Assure that emergency equipment and procedures are provided for each combat contest.
  • Furnish an accurate scale for the weigh-in and available to contestants at least eight (8) hours prior to the weigh-in time.
  • All weigh-ins shall be under the supervision and control of the Commission’s director and/or his or her designee.
  • Provide sufficient ringside area for commission officials and ring officials to carry out their official duties.
  • The promoter shall not issue complimentary tickets for more than two percent (2%) of the seats in the house, equally distributed between or among the price categories for which complimentary tickets issued without the commissions written authorization.
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