Who is required to file an architect/engineer firm disclosure, and how often should it be updated?

Jason S -


Tennessee does not license firms. However, any corporation, partnership or firm offering architectural, engineering or landscape architectural services to the public must file a firm disclosure form with the Board for each office offering services.

The disclosure is required for both in-state and out-of-state firms that are offering services in Tennessee. The firm disclosure form is available on the Board’s website, and no fee is required to file a firm disclosure. An individual practicing in his or her own name as a sole proprietorship is not required to submit a disclosure form.

For information on Certificates of Authority, please contact the Department of State, Division of Business Services, at 615-741-2286. Certificates of Authority should not be submitted to the Board.

A registrant may be in responsible charge of more than one firm only if the firms are at the same physical location.

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