Qualifying Agent (QA) FAQs

Christine Marotteck -

How can I verify a Qualifying Agent?

You may verify a QA using our website here


Can a Qualifying Agent be listed on more than one contractor license?

A Qualifying Agent can be listed on only one license as a full time employee.  In order to be listed as a QA on a second company, they would need to hold a majority ownership of the second company.  A Qualifying Agent that has ownership in multiple companies may act as QA for each company in which they hold the majority ownership. 


Is the Qualifying Agent considered the owner of the contractor license?

No, unless they are the owner of the the entity providing the financial statement and insurance. The license is issued in the same name and mode of operation as the financial statement. Many times, the Qualifying Agent may be the same individual who is an owner of the licensed entity, which may be as a sole proprietor; partnership; corporation; or LLC. 


I am a Qualifying Agent and need an affidavit to get a permit. 

These requests must be submitted to the Board by email. In the email, please include: 

  • Type of Verification Requested
  • State the verification is being sent to
  • Requestor's Contact Number and Email or Mailing Address
  • License Number and Name on License
Contact an agent. Submit a request