Vacation Lodging Service

Jayme Morgan -

 "Vacation lodging service" means any person that engages in the business of providing the services of management, marketing, booking, and rental of residential units owned by others as sleeping accommodations furnished for pay to transients or travelers staying no more than fourteen (14) days.


Each vacation lodging service shall be required to have a vacation lodging service firm license and a Designated Agent license for the person who will be managing the VLS.  It is not necessary to have a licensed real estate broker supervising the business.


Both applications for the VACATION LODGING SERVICE and DESIGNATED AGENT license can be applied for online at www.core,tn or by mail to the below address with a licensing fee of $90.00 for each license, totaling $180.00 when both are applied for.


Mail the completed application to:
Attn: TN Department of Real Estate
The Department of Commerce & Insurance
500 James Robertson Parkway
Nashville, TN 37243

 § 62-13-308.




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