How to Apply-Affiliate Broker

Jayme Morgan -

Affiliate broker candidates must complete sixty (60) hours of real estate education in real estate principles/fundamentals before they take the examination. Proof that the education described above has been completed will be forwarded by the school where the education was completed to PSI. You may not register for the examination until the school has provided that information to  PSI [pdf]. The school will also provide you a certificate or letter of course completion that you must submit to TREC with your application for licensure. Affiliate brokers licensed after 12/31/04 must have completed the 30-hour "Course for New Affiliates" prior to their license being issued and a letter or certificate of completion of the "Course for New Affiliates" must also be submitted with the license application.

Once you have completed the pre-licensing coursework and requirements you can apply for a license online at our core website here: CORE


In accordance with Tennessee Code Annotated § 62-13-303(a)(2), Qualifications -- Prerequisites for licensing, “All applicants for an affiliate real estate broker's license must provide adequate proof to the Commission that they have a high school degree or a general educational development (GED®) certificate.”

If proof of High School degree cannot be shown Attestation of High School Graduation must be provided.


I. Pre-Licensing Education

i. 60-hours of real estate education in real estate principles/fundamentals

ii. 30-hour "Course for New Affiliates"

II. PSI Exams

i. State

ii. National

III. "Initial Affiliate" Application (CORE)

i. Required File Attachments

1. PSI Exam Results Signed by Broker (State & National)

2. Proof of High School Graduation

3. Proof of Completion of Pre-License Education (60 hr. & 30 hr.)

4. Proof of Errors and Omissions Insurance Policy

5. Eligibility Verification

6. Electronic Fingerprinting Receipt

ii. Fee, $91.00

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