How does Dallas Law impact guards?

Kristen -

Basically Dallas’s Law created a two tine or pronged fork:

As of January 1, 2023, one fork requires a new Unarmed Guard Refresher or Renewal Training for all Unarmed Security Guards. This was something that was never previously required from the beginning of the program. This is an “across the board” change that affects ALL Unarmed Registrants. The possession of an Unarmed Security Guard registration card is the trigger for this requirement and the solution is 2 hours of refresher training each two years.


The second tine or prong created the need for conditional additional training in First Aid, CPR, De-Escalation and Safe Restraint. The condition that triggers this need is whether or not a business holds a license from the Alcoholic Beverage Commission (ABC) or a beer permit from a local beer board for on-premises consumption of alcohol. If the business is a warehouse that receives and ships pillows or packing peanuts, etc. there is no requirement for this additional training. If the business is a package store that sells liquor or beer, but does NOT allow premises consumption, there is no requirement. So, this is the part of the law that changed the training requirements found in TCA § 62-35-118. The primary question that has come from this is “who holds the ABC License or Beer Permit?” An early example question was “we are working security at a shopping mall, and a restaurant in the mall sells alcohol for on-premises consumption but we do not provide security for that restaurant. We provide security for the Mall.” So the question came up “do the security guards have to have the additional Dallas’s Law training?” The answer lies within the answer to the questions “Who possesses the ABC License or Beer Permit? Is that license issued to and held by the Mall? Is it issued to and held by the Restaurant? And who holds the contract with the Security Guards providing the Security Guard and Patrol Service? Is the Mall hiring the guards and services or is the Restaurant contracting for this service. This is where the water gets muddy. Many have chosen to go ahead and get the training regardless.

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