What if I have someone just working the door temporarily?

Kristen -

When you have someone who works the door temporarily (i.e. for a few hours during a shift) or who doesn’t prevent entry but just gives wristbands/marks hands, it can be hard to know whether they need to be registered.

In these situations, if a person is preventing entry and that’s their primary duty during a shift or one of their primary duties, then they need to register as guards.

You probably should refer to TCA 62-35-102 and talk to a lawyer about what you are doing. We are hearing from a growing number of attorneys who are essentially advising that you register anyone who checks ID’s at the door, even if they split time with bartending or waiting tables.


If you are concerned about mitigating risk, you probably should consider registering the company as a PSO-A (Private Security Organization-Alcohol, where there is sell of on-premises consumption of alcohol)

and registering and training specific employee(s) to specifically perform these duties for you.

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