Register a New CORE Account FAQs

Jayme Morgan -

Why should I make a CORE account?

A CORE account will allow you to apply for or a new license or renew an existing license, registration, or permit. You can also manage your license, registration, or permit from the account. CORE also allows consumers to file and manage a complaint against a licensed individual or organization. 

Submitting your application, renewal, or other transaction in CORE will ensure staff members receive and begin processing your request right away. It will also ensure you have provided all required information. Using CORE is the fastest way to get to work.  


How do I register a new account?

1. Visit

2. Then, Create An Account


3. Enter your preferred email address. This will be your username. 



4. Choose a password based on the requirements listed. 

5. Add a different email address for account recovery. Then, select “Register.”

6. Check email to activate your account. You might need to check your spam folder to see if the email was sent there. The email will be from “”. 

7. Once you follow the “Activate Account” link in the email, then you may sign in.  


Can I create a new account on my mobile phone or tablet?

Yes, the new CORE website will adjust its screen to fit whichever device you are using. This will help you use the system on a mobile phone or tablet.  


Why do I need to add a secondary email?

Entering a secondary email when you sign up will help you with account recovery. If you used a work email for your username, then use a personal email for your secondary one. This will allow you to access your license or permit even if your work email changes.   

If you did not enter a secondary email address upon sign up, then you can add one later. First, sign in. Then, select your initials at the top righthand corner of your screen. Next, select “Account Information.” 


Next, select “Edit Email Addresses” and enter your secondary email. Select “Save.”  


I don’t see my existing licenses, registrations, or permits on my account. How do I add them?

The CORE system requires your email address to be your username. 

  1. If these are your licenses, registrations, or permits, then sign in and select “Link Licenses or Permits.” Follow the prompts to add your missing license(s) using one of the following:
      1.  License Number, SSN or Tax Number, and Zip Code
      2.  License Number, Indiv/Org Number (“entity” number), and Zip Code
  2. If you are managing somebody else’s license or registration with their permission, then request the owner of the license to add you as an “Authorized User.” Click here for a video on Authorized User.

I forgot my email/username or password. How do I get help signing in?

Visit and select “Sign In” at the top right corner of your screen. Then, select “Need help signing in?” You may select the “Forgot password?” or “Unlock account” or “Help” links.  



“Forgot Password?” will send an email with a new password link.  


“Unlock account” will send an email to unlock your account after too many password attempts.



“Help” will give you answers to Frequently Asked Questions. Select this link to view the Okta Sign-In Help page.


Contact an agent. Submit a request