How do I apply for a new Firm or Branch license?

Olivia Flood -

To open a new Firm or Branch you must submit an application online at and a $90 initial license fee along with proof that the applicant met the following requirements:

I. Firm Requirements 

1. "New Firm" Application (CORE) 

2. Supporting Documents 

i. Completed and Notarized "Firm or Branch Office Application"

ii. Current Zoning Letter 

iii. Corporate Charter/Articles of Organization (If Applicable) 

- Proof of filing with the Secretary of State is required for Corporations and Limited Liability Companies. 

iv. Escrow Account 

- The name and address of the bank holding your escrow monies must be listed on the application. If no funds belonging to third parties will ever be handled by your firm, you can fill out the Waiver of Escrow form

3. Fee, $90 

II. Broker Requirements 

1. Transfer Broker

i. Transfer Application (CORE) 

ii. Transfer, Release, and Change of Status Form (Trec 1)

iii. Fee, $25 

2. Designate Principal Broker 

i. Designate Principal Broker Application (CORE) 

ii. Firm Updates Form (TREC 2) 

iii. Fee, $25 



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