HVAC Projects Less Than $25,000

Christine Marotteck -

Most projects with a cost of less than $25,000 are regulated at the local level. It would be best to contact the county or city where the work will be performed. Local government, those listed as exempt jurisdictions with the Fire Marshal’s office, issue their own mechanical HVAC license or journeyman license.  In municipalities where the Fire Marshal’s electrical inspectors perform inspections, our state Limited Licensed Electrician (LLE) license is required for HVAC permits or a contractor’s license with a CMC-C is also acceptable.  

Permit and inspection information with the Fire Marshal’s office is available at:  https://www.tn.gov/commerce/fire/permits-licensing/fire-electrical-permits.html 

In addition, some counties may require a Home Improvement license to perform HVAC work less than $25,000.  The Board has a CMC-C classification for HVAC contractors, which is required for projects more than $25,000. CMC (full mechanical) also covers. For small HVAC projects please check with the local municipality for their license, permit, and inspection requirements. Contact local government at:  https://www.mtas.tennessee.edu/code_enforcement  

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