What are the special laws related to utilities, government property, historical markers, etc.?

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It is an offense to knowingly sell or attempt to sell to a scrap metal dealer or for a scrap metal dealer to knowingly purchase or attempt to purchase the following types of scrap metal: Scrap metal marked with the initials of an electric, telephone, cable or other public utility or an electric or telephone cooperative; Utility access covers; Street light poles and fixtures; Road and bridge guard rails; Highway or street signs; Water meter covers; Traffic directional and control signs; Traffic light signals; Any scrap metal visibly marked or painted with the name of a government entity, business, company or the name of the owner of the metal; Property owned by a telephone, cable, electric, water or other utility, an electric or telephone cooperative or a railroad, and marked or otherwise identified as such; and Unused and undamaged historical markers or grave markers and vases.

It is an exception to application of this section that the person attempting to sell the scrap metal provides reasonable, written documentation that the seller is the owner of the scrap metal or is an employee, agent or other person authorized to sell the scrap metal on behalf of the owner. The dealer shall make a photo copy of any documentation provided pursuant to this subsection and retain the copy as part of the transaction record. T.C.A. 62-9-106

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