How do I retire my appraiser license (expired vs. inactive)? Can I change my license to inactive status?

Vernon Greene -

The Real Estate Appraiser Commission does not have a license status of “retired.” You may, however, let your credential expire or place your credential in inactive status.

Your credential will expire at the end of your two-year cycle.  You are not required to submit anything to the Commission office if you wish to just let your credential expire. However, you may chose to submit a letter to the Commission office notifying TREAC that you have made a business decision to no longer practice as a real estate appraiser.  This could be useful in the prevention of identify theft.  If your license or certification has been expired for more than six months (180 days), you won’t be able to renew that credential.  To become a real estate appraiser again, you would have to register as a trainee and meet the current licensure or certification requirements to become a real estate appraiser.

To place your license or certification in inactive status, you must fill out an active to inactive real estate appraiser application with affidavit.  There is an application fee of twenty-five dollars ($25) to change status from active to inactive.  The renewal fee for an inactive status credential two years is one hundred dollars ($100).  There is no continuing education require while your credential is inactive, but you must complete the affidavit on the inactive renewal form and submit the renewal with payment each two (2) year cycle. You cannot conduct real estate appraisals or hold yourself out as a real estate appraiser with an inactive credential.  Trainees cannot place their registration in inactive status.

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