How do I get my LLP License?

Vernon Greene -

In order to obtain a LLP license, complete the LLP application and sign before a notary.

Attach proof of one (1) year plumbing experience, or proof of a local license (wallet card, certificate or notarized verification from past client, employer or official with permit agency); and attach a copy of the LLP exam score.

The law allows waiver of the 40 question plumbing exam with PSI, only if submitting proof of a prior local plumbing license in Tennessee or exam score from any county or municipality in Tennessee (there are no out of state exam waivers). The fee is $75.00 for a two (2) year license (fee is nonrefundable). An incomplete application and failure to submit attachments of required information will delay issuance of license.

When mailing an LLP application, please allow 5 to 7 business days for application receipt. If hand delivering or sending by express mail, it takes the Cashier's office approximately 2 business days to forward the application to the Board's office. The Board cannot accept fees at their physical location and must be delivered at the mailing address listed on the application.

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