How do I obtain a public automobile auctioneer license?

Olivia Flood -

You must be a currently licensed Principal Auctioneer for two (2) years and have reached at least eighteen (18) years of age, to apply for a license upgrade to a Public Automobile Auctioneer. The following steps must be taken to obtain a Public Automobile Auctioneer license endorsement:

Complete and submit an Upgrade application to the Tennessee Auctioneer Commission in Core.

  1. Submit proof of successfully completing, in addition to the education required by TCA § 62-19-111(b)(2), fifteen (15) hours of more rigorous classroom or online instruction in automobile auctioneering.
  2. Submit payment of license fees to the Tennessee Auctioneer Commission.

Application fee: $50.00

Recovery Fund $50.00
License fee: $175
TOTAL: $275.00

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