How do I renew a land surveyor license online?

Olivia Flood -

Land Surveyor renewal applications can be completed online at, The renewal fee is, $280. 

Pursuant to Rule 0820-05-.03(2), a registrant is no longer required to submit proof of completed continued education. 

I. Renewal Application

II. Continuing Education, thirty (30) hours 

i. Maximum of 15 hours may be completed online. The additional 15 must be completed in person.

ii. 2 PDHs must focus on surveying ethics and standards of practice

1) One (1) PDH Surveying Ethics 

2) One (1) PDH TENNESSEE Standards of Practice (If Applicable) 

TN standards class only required if the person is ONLY licensed in TN. If licensed in another jurisdiction we will accept their Standards of Practice course. 

III. Fee, $280


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