Who is required to file a firm disclosure, and how often should it be updated?

Courtney Wallace -

Tennessee does not license firms. However, any corporation, partnership or firm offering architectural, engineering or landscape architectural services to the public must file a firm disclosure form with the Board for each office offering services listing the names and addresses of all principals and officers, as well as the principals and officers duly registered to practice architecture, engineering or landscape architecture in Tennessee who are in responsible charge of such practice in this state. The disclosure is required for both in-state and out-of-state firms that are offering services in Tennessee. The firm disclosure form is available on the Board’s website, and no fee is required to file a firm disclosure. An individual practicing in his or her own name as a sole proprietorship is not required to submit a disclosure form.

Advise the Board, in writing, within 60 days of any address change. Submit a new firm disclosure if reporting any other changes such as a firm/company name change, changes in registration status of principals or officers, changes in principals or officers who are designated to be in responsible charge, etc. Firms are made invalid or closed if the person who has been designated in responsible charge of the firm’s practice no longer holds active registration in Tennessee and/or is no longer employed in the office.

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