Reciprocity & Trade Exam Waiver Agreement

Christine Marotteck -

You cannot operate in Tennessee with another state's license. The reciprocal agreement is a trade exam waiver only. To obtain a Tennessee license without retaking the trade exam, you may apply for a trade exam waiver by having one of the participating stated listed below complete the License Verification form and return it with your application. 

The following a list of state agencies with a trade exam waiver (reciprocal) agreement with our Tennessee "Contractor" license: 

  • Alabama: General, Electrical, Residential, and HVAC
  • Arkansas: Commercial/Residential Building only
  • Georgia: Commercial Building and Electrical
  • Louisiana: Residential, Commercial, Electrical, and Mechanical
  • Mississippi: Residential, Commercial, Electrical, Mechanical (Unlimited)
  • North Carolina: Residential/Commercial Building and Electrical
  • Ohio: Electrical, Plumbing, and HVAC
  • South Carolina: Commercial Contractors Licensing Board
  • West Virginia: Residential, Commercial, Industrial Building, Electrical, Mechanical, Masonry

Tennessee also accepts the NASCLA National Commercial exam.

Our trade exam waiver agreement only applies to "Contractors" licensed with the Board. It does not apply to other license programs (Home Improvement, LLE, or LLP) or other State licensing agencies separate from the Board, such as: Alarm Systems Contracting Board for security alarm systems, the Division of Fire Prevention for fire sprinklers, Geothermal with the Department of Environment and Conservation, etc. Contractors must comply with local government permits for inspections. 

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