Change of Address or Job Status

Christine Marotteck -

Change of Address

The law requires address changes to be submitted in writing within 30 days. Failing to do so is a violation and licensees could be subject to a civil penalty of up to $1,000. State mail is not forwarded and the renewal form and license would not be delivered to the new address.

To report an address change, you may use the Address Change Request form.


Change of Job Status

You are required by law to notify the Board of several changes. 

  • Qualifying Agent (QA) Leaves: The Board must be notified within 10 days (Rule 0680-1-.02).
    • A new QA must be designated by the licensed entity within 90 days or the license classification for the license becomes invalid. If this is the sole classification and requires a trade exam, the license is considered invalid after the 90 days. Contractors should not note the change on the renewal without first obtaining a letter approving the new qualifying agent.
    • Notify the Board using the Qualifying Agent Change form.
  • Change in Officers: Please see this article for instructions on notifying the Board when there is a change in officers. 
  • Mode of Operation: Notify the Board using the Transfer - Change Mode of Business Operation form before operating in the new name or mode. 
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