What happens after I file a complaint?

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Per standard procedure, once a complaint is received, it is submitted to the Respondent for response then forwarded to our legal counsel. Legal counsel reviews the file and all documentation and presents the facts to the Board/Commissioner/Assistant Commissioner at its regularly scheduled meetings. The legal report is presented anonymously so as to not prejudice the Board/Commissioner/Assistant Commissioner on reaching a decision. Upon hearing the summary, the Board will vote on whether or not they believe the facts of the matter are grounds for discipline in accordance with our laws and rules. If they do not feel that there has been a violation, then they may dismiss the matter. However, if the Board determines that there may be probable cause for discipline, they will authorize a formal hearing but first give an option for the Respondent to settle via a Consent Order. If the Respondent does not settle via Consent Order, it is then forwarded to a litigating attorney for a formal hearing between the Department and the Respondent.

Please be advised that this office typically has a very high volume of open complaints being processed. We strive to present each complaint to the Board/Commissioner/Assistant Commissioner within 180 days of receipt; however, this is not always the case. Thank you for your continued patience and cooperation with this matter.

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