Am I required to notify the Tennessee Motor Vehicle Commission if I change my address?

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  • Dealers, auctions, dismantlers/recyclers, RV dealers must submit new application and paperwork  on and be re-inspected at new location. A mailing address change may be made by emailing or mailing the new address to the Motor Vehicle Commission. See also TRANSFERS. This may not apply to some professions
  • Manufacturers and distributors must also notify Motor Vehicle Commission of address change via email or postal mail.
  • Salesmen moving from one dealership to another must submit a new application. See also TRANSFERS.


  • Representatives and Salespersons wishing to move to another location may now “transfer” their license to the new location by utilizing the “transfer” option located within the online service. By transferring the license, the current licensing dates will not change.  Transference of the license DOES NOT constitute renewal of the license.   The expiration date and license number will remain unchanged.
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