Does Tennessee require an examination for geologists?

Vernon Greene -

The TN processing fee of the ASBOG Practice of Geology exam is $115. These are one-time fees for each individual exam. We do not charge for multiple attempts of the same exam. We are the collectors of the TN Processing fees, however, we do not collect the ASBOG exam fee. These are two separate fees.

After we have received your TN processing fee for the exam, you will receive paperwork to submit your ASBOG exam fees and documentation for that exam. You will submit this paperwork to ASBOG directly (instructions enclosed in ASBOG paperwork).

Yes. Tennessee uses the ASBOG® exam. Once your application has been approved, you will receive an approval letter, notifying you that your application has been approved and that you are now eligible to take one or both of the ASBOG® exams, along with an ASBOG® Examination Candidate Request form and a Candidate Examination Handbook, from this board via email and US mail. You must complete the ASBOG® Examination Candidate Request Form, attach your payment for the appropriate exam fee(s) and send it in to ASBOG® by their deadline date shown on the form. If this information and fee is not received by ASBOG® by the deadline date which is shown on the exam candidate request form, you will not be allowed to sit for the exam. The exam booklets will be mailed to the board office approximately two weeks prior to the exam date. You will come to board office in Nashville, TN to take the exam.

Results of the exams will be forwarded to the board office approximately 60 days from the date of the exams. ASBOG® does not release information directly to examination candidates. You will be notified of your examination results by the board office shortly after they are received. 

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