What are my appraiser continuing education requirements?

Kristen -

All licensed/certified appraisers in Tennessee are required to have 28 hours of continuing education every renewal period. Appraisers are allowed to complete continuing education classes online if they meet the requirements, online course requirements.  A course may only be taken for continuing education credit once every five (5) years. This includes courses with substantially similar subject matter, whether or not the course has the same name.  An exception to this rule is the National Seven (7) hour USPAP Update course. Licensees may obtain continuing education credit for a National USPAP course taken more than once, provided that the licensee takes the course no more than one (1) time during the two (2) year renewal cycle. The seven (7) hour National USPAP update is required each renewal period.  All continuing education needs to be received in this office at least 30 days prior to an appraiser's expiration date and before the first of the month of your expiration month to maintain active status on the Federal Registry.  No continuing education taken prior to the appraiser's current expiration date may be used for the next renewal cycle.  If a course or courses were taken, but not used in the current cycle, they cannot be used for the renewal cycle after the current expiration date.  Click here for a list of approved providers and their courses.

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