How do I apply for a Registered Trainee license?

Vernon Greene -

Registered Trainee applicants must submit an application online at and a $125 initial license fee along with proof that the applicant met the following requirements:

I. Education

Prior to registering with the Commission, a registered trainee applicant must complete 79 hours of qualifying education, within five (5) years preceding the date of application. This education must be completed in-person; online courses will not be accepted.

● (15) hour Appraisal Foundation's National USPAP course

● (30) hour Appraisal Principles course

● (30) hour Appraisal Practice or Procedures course

● (4) Trainee and Supervisory course

II. Experience

No previous experience is required to register as a Trainee. However, in order to gain experience credit for licensure/certification, an appraiser assistant must have a supervising appraiser and register with the Commission

III. Application

All of the requirements must be accomplished prior to submitting a License/Certification application:

1. Initial Registered Trainee Application (CORE)


2. Supporting Documentation 

i.  Proof of Prerequisite Education

- 15 hour USPAP Certificate

- Appraiser Principals Certificate

- Appraiser Procedures Certificate

- Sponsor/Trainee Certificate

ii.  Electronic Fingerprint Receipt

iii. Sponsor/Trainee Supervisor Course (Sponsor) 

3. Fee, $125





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