The grandfathering deadlines state that a court reporting must be licensed to engage in the practice of court reporting after July 1, 2010, but there is also a deadline for July 1, 2011. How is the deadline of July 1, 2011 applicable?

Courtney Wallace -

All court reporters must be licensed by July 1, 2010 to engage in the practice of court reporting. The deadline of July 1, 2011 applies to a reporter if the court reporter is eligible for grandfathering but does not plan on working until late 2010 or early 2011. For example, if a reporter plans to leave the country or take a medical leave for an extended period of time, the court reporter may wish to delay applying for a license until closer to the date of returning to work. After July 1, 2011 no one will be able to be licensed by grandfathering.

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