How do I open my own private probation company?

Vernon Greene -

You will need to complete the Private Probation Application. The application can be completed online.  Click the link to be taken to CORE, our online licensing system. A completed form will need to be submitted with the following:

  • $100 initial application fee
  • Sworn criminal record report for each employee or volunteer
  • Written policies and procedures for staff training
  • Proof of insurance and performance bond as required by applicable statutes and rules
  • Written standards of supervision and description of staffing levels
  • Written procedures for handling court-ordered fines, fees, restitution and community service
  • Written policy for handling indigent offenders
  • Written procedures to follow to obtain evidence to present to the court to revoke an offender’s probation
  • A schedule showing range of all probation fees and charges paid by probationers
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