What if I need a license prior to the next Board meeting or missed the deadline?

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There is a hardship provision to obtain a license prior to the next board meeting or to have the deadline extended. It would be if the contractor has obtained a request from an owner who needs them as a specific contractor to bid, contract, or perform work. The law allows a license to be issued prior to the next board meeting, for hardship circumstances to an owner (not the contractor), where it is in the best interest of the public safety and welfare. Note: The contractor cannot contract, bid or offer until the hardship has been approved. If the contractor has violated the law, or has a history of complaints, judgments or convictions, the hardship will not be granted and they must appear for an interview with the Board. After the contractor completes all application requirements, they may have the owner prepare a hardship request letter to supply with their application.  These should be scanned and emailed to staff with the subject "Hardship License Request" to expedite the request.  More information on obtaining a hardship review is available under Forms and Downloads. Hardship license approvals must be posted on the website.

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