What if I have a chance to bid a job but my limit is not enough and the Board does not meet again for another month. Can I get a special review?

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Possibly, if it is considered a “hardship” to the owner. The owner may submit a written request for the contractor to have their license application to be reviewed prior to the next meeting. Hardship information is on the Web site under Forms and Applications.

The contractor must submit a complete license application (including exams passed, financial statement submitted, etc.) or revision request, with a hardship letter from an owner (not the contractor) and it must fully describe the hardship, details of the project; name of project, bid date, estimate of project and description of the hardship (why they need you to bid the job, such as, if there are not enough competitive bids; specialized services, whether it affects public safety, etc.)

The hardship license must be approved before submitting a bid or contracting. Please review the hardship information on the Web site.

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