I let my Private Investigation license expire. How do I have it reinstated?

Jason S -

Reinstatement applications are not available on CORE or the Regulatory Boards website. The licensee will need to email the board to request reinstatement. 

Once reinstatement is requested, the specialist will send them an application. The reinstatement application requirements are as follows: 

1. Application 

2. Requirements 

a. Color Passport Photo 

b. Exam Score Report (PSI) 

Required if expired for more than two (2) years 

c. Fingerprint Receipt 

d. Criminal History Information (If Applicable) 

All information on criminal charges/arrests must be fully disclosed. Explanations and final court dispositions must be submitted with your application. Please refer to Administrative Rules 1175-01-.04 (5), (6), (7), (8) and (9) for information regarding criminal convictions and other circumstances that may disqualify an applicant. If you answer "Yes" to the arrest questions you must complete a Criminal Charge Reporting Form for each arrest or charge: (link not available yet). Your application will not be processed if you have pending criminal charges/court dates.

3. Fees, $250 

a. Application Fee, $150 

b. License Fee, $100 


Contact an agent. Submit a request