Expired License(Reinstatement), Funeral Director and Embalmer

Jayme Morgan -

Email Request to Funeral.Cemetery.Board@TN.Gov 

If the request is approved the licensee will be required to complete the following: 

1. Application (CORE)

2. Attachments 

i. A copy of an official photo identification issued by a governmental agency, such as a valid (permanent, current, unexpired, legible) driver’s license, U.S. passport, or federal, state, county, or city employee I.D. card showing the individual's date of birth and address.

ii. Two (2) letters of recommendation by a licensed funeral director and/or embalmer attest to the applicant's good moral character and competence. Such letter shall be signed and dated on printed stationery.

iii. Tennessee Laws, Rules & Regulations Exam passing score of 75

iv.  Ten (10) hours of continuing education 

Continuing education

v. Court Documents (If Applicable) 

- If you answered yes to the Felony / Misdemeanor question involving moral turpitude, you must attach to this application: A written statement explaining the circumstances of each incident signed and dated. A copy of the official document(s) which demonstrates the resolution of the charge(s) or any final judgment.

3. Fee, $475

Contact an agent. Submit a request