How do I apply for a Cosmetology license?

Kristen -

Applicants must submit an application online at and a $60 initial license fee along with proof that the applicant:

1. Education 

i. Complete 1500 hours at a Cosmetology School 

2. Exams (PSI

i. Examination Fees, $140

1) Practical

- Passing Score of 70

2) Theory

- Passing Score of 70

3. "Initial Cosmetologist" Application (CORE) 

i. Attachments 

- Exam Scores

- Photo ID

ii. Fees, $60


License Details:


Once you have completed the pre-licensing coursework and requirements you can apply for a license. Please visit and if you've never registered an account, you will first need to Register. There are Video Tutorials to use to help with creating an account.


Contact an agent. Submit a request