How do I apply for a Cosmetology license?

Olivia Flood -

Applicants must submit an application online at and a $60 initial license fee along with proof that the applicant:

1. Education 

i. Complete 1500 hours at a Cosmetology School 

2. Exams (PSI

i. Examination Fees, $140

1) Practical

- Passing Score of 70

2) Theory

- Passing Score of 70

3. "Initial Cosmetologist" Application (CORE) 

i. Attachments 

- Exam Scores

- Photo ID

ii. Fees, $60


License Details:


Once you have completed the pre-licensing coursework and requirements you can apply for a license. Please visit CORE.

View a video demonstration on how to create an account

View a video demonstration on how to apply for a license online (after your account has been created).


Contact an agent. Submit a request