How do I apply for a Soil Scientist license?

Kristen -

Soil Scientist applicants must submit an application online at our core website here: CORE or by mail and a $400 fee along with proof that the applicant met the following requirements:


To be eligible for a certificate of licensure as a professional soil scientist, an applicant shall:

  1. Be a graduate of an accredited college or university with a bachelor of science degree or higher in soils, agronomy or a closely related field, with successful completion of 15 hours of course work in soil science.
  2. Have at least 3 years of soil science professional experience.
  3. Fundamentals Only Exam 


You are required to submit the following with your application to practice as Professional Soil Scientist in Tennessee:

1. "Initial Application for Soil Scientist Licensure" Application (CORE or PDF) 

2. Attachments

a. A certified copy of college transcripts, along with a course reporting form

b. Current Employment Information

c. Sole Proprietorship, Partnership or Corporation Disclosure Form

3. Fee, $400

a. Application Fee, $300 

b. License Fee, $100 


Once you have met all application requirements, you can apply for a license online. Please click the following link, CORE.


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