How do I apply for a license?

Kristen -

Once you have completed the pre-licensing coursework and requirements you can apply for a license. Please click the following link, CORE.

If you have not yet created an Account, you will be required to register an account by clicking Sign In and then Sign Up before seeing the option to Apply.

There are Video Tutorials to assist with creating an account located here:


Private Probation Company

You will need to complete the Private Probation Application. A completed application will need to be submitted with the following:

Apply at

Application Name: Initial Company

For Tennessee Private Probation Services Council Initial Company applicants, please see Tenn. Comp. R. & Regs 1177-01-.03 for required documentation. The applicant must also be in compliance with Tenn. Code Ann. §; 163901 requirements.

  1. Sworn criminal record report for each employee or volunteer
  2. Written policies and procedures for staff training
  3. Proof of insurance and performance bond as required by applicable statutes and rules
  4. Written standards of supervision and description of staffing levels
  5. Written procedures for handling court-ordered fines, fees, restitution and community service.
  6. Written policy for handling indigent offenders
  7. Written procedures to follow to obtain evidence to present to the court to revoke an offender’s probation
  8. A schedule showing range of all probation fees and charges paid by probationers
  9. Fee, $100


Upon approval, the registration fee with the Council shall be $100.  An additional registration fee for each second or subsequent judicial district in which it provides probation supervision in Tennessee will also be required.


No, there are currently no reciprocity agreements with any other state.


Private Probation Services Officer

Initial Private Probation Officer application. The applicant is to demonstrate through this application that it has the reasonable ability to furnish continuous probation service in compliance with applicable statutes, rules and uniform contract requirements (see e.g., T.C.A. § § 163901, et seq. and Tenn. Comp R. & Reg. 11771).

  1. Apply at
  2. Application Name: Initial PPS Officer Application
  3. Attachments
    1. Criminal Background Check
    2. Education/Experience
      • 4 Years Experience, Bachelor Degree or an Associates Degree
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