Can I Apply for an Initial Accountancy License Online?

Olivia Flood -

Yes, you may complete the application online. In order to apply online, the schedule of events from this point forward looks like this:

1. NASBA will forward us your candidate file (this includes your CPA exam scores and initial exam application).  Currently, there is 8-10 week delay from the time you pass your final test before we receive your file from them.

2. Once we receive your file from NASBA, your name will be listed on the CPA Exam Candidate Files page of our website. This is your confirmation that the Board has received your  file. If you have not taken the Ethics Exam, you may order it here.  Once completed, you can download a certificate from the site.

3. You complete the online application and upload your ethics certificate and work experience form.

Basically, everything is pretty much at a standstill until NASBA forwards us your candidate file.  Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to speed that portion of the process along since they are a private entity.  If you have questions about where you are in their process, please contact them at:

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