How To File A Complaint

Kristen -

The Department of Commerce and Insurance regulates several hundred thousand Tennesseans in their professions and businesses. These boards, commissions and programs are empowered to take disciplinary action against a licensee's license and assessment of civil penalties against license holders found guilty of violating laws and rules governing their professions. 

Consumers are encouraged to file a complaint with the Department of Commerce and Insurance when they feel they have been the victim of an unfair or deceptive business practice, witness unlicensed activity, or see suspected misconduct or other violations of respective law or rules. 

Please be advised, per standard procedure, the contents of a complaint that is filed will be forwarded in it's entirety to the named Respondent. All complaints submitted to the Tennessee Division of Regulatory Boards are subject to the Public Records Act, T.C.A. Title 10, Chapter 7.

Additionally, this office cannot give legal advice or represent private individuals who seek refunds or reimbursements. Regulatory jurisdiction is limited to seeking discipline against a Respondent’s license. If you feel that you need legal assistance, you should consider contacting private legal counsel.


To file a formal complaint, visit this link then select File A Complaint: Complaint

Click on the profession that coincides with the complaint and the form will appear. All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.


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