Exam Requirements For Reinstatements

Christine Marotteck -

Trade exams would be required to reinstate a license if: 

  • The Qualifying Agent is no longer with the entity. 
  • The license has been expired more than 24 months and the licensee does not provide a written request for waiver with evidence showing the QA has remained active in the industry. For example, working as a sub; working on smaller projects; working for a licensed contractor; working in another state; etc. 
  • BC-A/r (Restricted Limited License) expired licensees must retake the course.
  • The Business and Law exam is not required to be retaken. 

Trade exams would not be required to reinstate a license or a request may be made to have them waived if: 

  • The original Qualifying Agent is still with the company.
  • The license has not been expired for more than 24 months. 
    • If it has been more than 24 months, as long as the QA has been active in the industry by working for another contractor, as a subcontractor or in another state, may request to be waived by providing evidence of recent experience.
  • The Business and Law exam is not required to be retaken.

Once the TN Business & Law exam is taken and passed it DOES NOT have to be taken again.
This includes if a contractor’s license has fully expired or they have created a new entity with the TN Secretary of State and are applying for a new license.

The only time a contractor would have to re-take the TN Business & Law Exam is if they cannot provide a copy of their test scores and with the submission of their new application, the Regulatory Board cannot find their exam scores in their old license.
Let the caller know they can submit a public records request to see if their exam scores can be located and provided to them.


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