CE Broker

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How to activate your free CE Broker account

1 | Visit https://cebroker.com/tn/account/basic
2 | Enter your license number

Support Center

8AM-8PM ET Monday–Friday


or via e-mail or live chat

See some helpful PDF attachments below:

A CE Broker Licensee sign-up, and a test example of a license search showing the status and the CE cycle.

Licensee Questions:

  • CE HOURS: CE Broker will now be tracking all CE for TREC licensees. License Holders will go to CE Broker to look at how many hours they have completed and if they have met compliance for the renewal. 
  • VERIFY/PUBLIC SEARCH FOR EDUCATION: This is no longer a location for licensees, providers, associations, etc. to check on education hours. All education, 6/13/2022, will be in CE BROKER.


Provider Questions:

  • Account Information: If you have active courses with TREC, you should now report course completions through CE BROKER.
  • Registering their Account: Registration information was sent on 6/13/2022, but if you are an active provider and have not registered, you should register your account.  


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