How do I file a complaint and what will you do about it?

Jason S -

It is HIGHLY recommended the customer files the complaint online using the web link: Online Complaints.. Sometimes the information being gathered from the customer gets lost in translation.


Once the complaint is filed, it will be sent to the inspector to start the investigation. The inspector will:

 1. Determine which blasting firm is blasting in the area of the Therefore, it is important to get as much information for the location as possible. In some areas of the State, there are multiple blasting projects being conducted at the same time in the same area.

 2. Once the blasting firm is identified, the inspector will request the seismic reports and blasting reports for the dates of incidents listed on the dates of incidents listed on the complaint.

 3. Ensure the blaster has submitted a seventy-two (72) hour notification.

 4.Review the records to ensure the firm is blasting within State standards under Tennessee Code Annotated Title 68 Health, Safety and Environmental Protection Safety, Chapter 105 Tennessee Blasting Standards Act of 1975 and Rules of Department of Commerce and Insurance Division of Fire Prevention Chapter 0780-02-15 Blasting Standards.

 5. Ensure the blaster and the blasting firm are registered with the State and have current licenses.

 6. May conduct a site visit of the project and may contact the complainant as part of the investigation.

 7. Determine if there were violation(s), complete the inspection report, and send it to legal for If violations are found, the State will impose fines and penalties as necessary on the responsible party.

 8. The State does not estimate nor determine damages, compensate for damages, or enforce compensation for damages.


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