Renew Private Investigators License

Olivia Flood -


Private Investigator 

1. Application (CORE) 

2. Attachments 

a. Continuing Education 

Twelve (12) hours of continuing professional education 

b. Color Frontal Photo 

3. Fee, $100 

All private investigators must have a photo identification card that is permanently laminated on their person when engaged in the activities of the licensee. Ample time must be given to the Commission to process the renewal application and mail the license before the expiration date.


Private Investigation Company 

1. Application (CORE) 

2. Attachments 

a. Notarized Statement of Affiliates 

3. Fee Varies, 

1 Investigator (Sole Practitioner)
Renewal:  $250

2-5 Investigator Affiliates
Renewal:  $500

Over 5 Investigator Affiliates
Renewal:  $1000

PI Company Branch Office
Renewal:  $100

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