How to apply-Broker

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All Broker candidates must have held an active real estate license for at least 3 years.
All Broker candidates must complete the TENNESSEE BROKER EXAMINATION APPLICATION
All Broker candidates must complete the required 30-hour Office Broker Management course. Approved 30-hour Office Broker Management courses can be found here. Approved Pre-licensing Courses for Brokers
Once you have completed the application and education, please email them to
After the request has been submitted, we will submit your information to PSI to take the Broker exam. You will send the next steps on scheduling with PSI and applying for your license upgrade.

*Please note after final approval of the Broker upgrade, you are required to complete 120 credit hours of post-broker education within three years from the date of the upgrade. After three years, you could be subject to late penalties or reapplication. If you do not complete the 120 hours within the four-year grace period, you have the option to downgrade your license to an affiliate broker or retest/reapply.

I. Broker Examination Application

i. Three (3) years as an Affiliate Broker

ii. Broker Office/Management Course (30hr)

II. PSI Exams

i. State

ii. National

III. "Broker Upgrade" Application (CORE)

i. Attachments

1. PSI Exam Results Signed by Broker (State & National)

2. Proof of High School Graduation (If Applicable: Only if AF is Expired)

3. Proof of Completion of Broker Management Course (30hr)

4. Proof of Errors and Omissions Insurance Policy

5. Eligibility Verification

6. Electronic Fingerprinting Receipt (If Applicable: Only if AF is Expired)

ii. Fee, $91.00



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