How do I apply for a Judge license?

Olivia Flood -

Ring Officials must submit an application online at and a $100 initial license fee along with proof that the applicant met the following requirements:

1. “Initial Ring Official,” Application (CORE)

2. Attachments

i. Driver’s License (Front/Back)

ii. Color Frontal Photo (Headshot) 

iii. Low Income Waiver (If applicable) 

vi. Court Documentation and Signed Final Deposition (If applicable)


3. Fee, $100.00

i. License Fee, $50.00

ii. Application Fee, $50.00


Ring official licenses cannot be stacked. If a licensee wants to be a ring official for more than one event type, (i.e Mixed Martial Arts and Boxing,) they will be required to have a separate ring official license for each. 

Contact an agent. Submit a request