How do I apply to be a Land Surveyor-in-Training?

Olivia Flood -

Step 1: Examination

Applicants who wish to sit for the Fundamentals of Surveying (FS) exam in Tennessee may register directly with NCEES at, No prior approval is required.

Once the applicant has passed the FS exam, they should submit the Professional Surveyor-In-Training application to obtain PLSIT certification in Tennessee.

If an applicant did not take the FS in TN they will need to provide a verification from the state they took it in.

Step 2: Application 

Once you’ve passed the FS it’s time to submit your PLSIT application. You’ll be required to demonstrate to the Board which of the approved licensure paths you intend to satisfy. Each requires its own combination of education and experience.

You are required to submit the following with your Professional Land-Surveyor-in-Training (PLSIT) application:

I. "Initial Land Surveyor In Training Application" (CORE)

II. Attachments

1. Education (Transcript and Course Reporting Form)

A copy of your high school diploma or GED certificate; or a copy of an associate’s degree transcript along with a completed course reporting form; or a copy of a bachelor’s degree transcript along with a completed course reporting form.

2. Three character references, one of whom is a professional land surveyor.

III. Fee, $25

Step 3: Certification

Upon obtaining your PLSIT certificate, your progressive practical experience can begin to accrue. Exactly how much experience you’ll need will depend on the method of licensure you’ve chosen. Once you’ve satisfied your experience component and met the other requirements of your chosen path, it’ll be time to begin the upgrade to full licensure as a Professional Land Surveyor (PLS).

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