How do I apply for an Armed Guard license?

Deadre Morkert -

Armed Guard applicants must submit an application online at and a $105 initial license fee along with proof that the applicant met the following requirements:

1. "Initial Armed Guard Registration Application" (CORE

2. Supporting Documents

i. Head-and-Shoulder Photograph 

ii. Fingerprinting Receipt 

- Electronic fingerprinting must be done through Identigo

iii. Sixteen (16) Hours of Qualifying, Training- Link To List of Trainers

- The handgun permit training DOES NOT count for the armed guard license training.

- I am a Police Officer, do I still have to complete training? Training can be waived if the supply one of the following: 

   a. P.O.S.T Certificate

   b. Latest In-service (within last year)

   c. Letter from Dept. of H.R. or Personnel stating they are FT Sworn Peace Officers

- Letter must include make, model, and caliber of weapon.

-The handgun permit training DOES NOT count for the armed guard      license training.

- Individuals who are Retired, a Reserve Officer, or no longer employed as a police officer will have to take our training course.

iv. Court Records (If Applicable) 

3. Fee, $105


Please Note:

If an application for PPS has been closed or denied, the applicant DOES NOT have to get their fingerprints re-done with Identigo.

The applicant can re-use their fingerprint receipt as long as the date of the report from T.B.I. is not more than 6 months old.

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