How do I renew a Broker license?

Olivia Flood -

Broker licenses can be renewed online at, The licensee will need to meet the following requirements: 

1. Broker Renewal Application

2. Sixteen (16) Continuing Education Hours 

i. Ten (10) Hours of Elective Education 

ii. Six (6) Hour CORE Course 

3. Fees, $75

NOTE: Brokers must complete one hundred-twenty (120) additional hours of Commission approved education before the third anniversary of their broker license. If during these three years, the 120 hours is not completed, the Broker will have one additional year to complete the required hours while accruing a $50 fee each month. If the 120 hours are not completed by the end of the fourth year, the Broker has the option to downgrade their license or retest/reapply for licensure. During this three (3) year period continuing education (CE) for renewal is not required.

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