How to Apply - Home Improvement

Christine Marotteck -

Applicants must submit an application online at or by mail and a $250 initial license fee along with proof that the applicant met the following requirements:

1. “Initial Home Improvement Contractor” Application (CORE

2. Supporting Documents 

i. $10,000 Proof of Financial Responsibility - One of the following:

a. Surety Bond from Insurance Company - Include a written Power of Attorney. 

b. Irrevocable Letter of Credit (ILOC) - It must be in the attached format from an FDIC-approved bank, savings, and loan financial institution. 

ii. General Liability Insurance 

iii. Worker's Compensation or Worker's Compensation Exemption 

iv. Charter, Articles of Incorporation or Secretary of State Filing, if applicable

3. Fee, $250.00


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