Is continuing education required to renew a Land Surveyor licesnse?

Olivia Flood -

In order to be eligible for renewal a Land Surveyor must complete Thirty (30) Hours of continuing education. You can find a list of Approved Courses and Providers here


Pursuant to Rule 0820-05-.03(2), a registrant is no longer required to submit proof of completed continued education.  Registrants have until the renewal cycle ends to complete their hours.

As such, please do not send the board office your proof of completed continued education, however, you should continue to maintain proof for your personal records.

Pursuant to Rule 0820-05-.13, the board has decided to conduct audits of continuing education starting with the 2019 renewal cycle. If you are selected for audit, you will be required to provide proof of having completed your continuing education.

These changes are to give you more flexibility as a professional and to facilitate renewals more efficiently.

2. Two (2) PDHs must focus on surveying ethics and standards of practice

1) One (1) PDH Surveying Ethics 

2) One (1) PDH TENNESSEE Standards of Practice (If Applicable) 

TN standards class only required if the person is ONLY licensed in TN. If licensed in another jurisdiction we will accept their Standards of Practice course. 

3. Land Surveyors may not  take the same course name, provider, and instructor within two renewal cycles. They must skip a cycle. Be sure and stress same course name, same provider, or same instructor.

4. If a licensee is in their first renewal cycle, and has been licensed for less than one year they will not be required to meet CE requirements.

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