How much does a permit cost?

Jason S -

            A minimum of two (2) inspections shall be required on wiring installed within or on public and private buildings or other structures. The installer shall notify the electrical inspector in writing whenever any part of a wiring installation is to be hidden from view by insulation or the permanent placement of part of the building. No wiring or raceways shall be concealed until it has been inspected and approved by the inspector. A final inspection shall be requested upon completion of the entire electrical installation.

            NOTE: An HVAC inspection must be purchased if a HVAC system is to be installed at the construction location. Final inspection will not pass inspection without an HVAC inspection, if needed.

            Service Size:  (Per Inspection Fee)

            0-200  amps       $35.00

            201-400 amps     $40.00

            401-600 amps    $50.00

            601-1000 amps    $90.00 

            Rough-In     $35.00 

            HVAC          $35.00

            Re-Inspect  $35.00

            Consultation Service $50.00

            Service release - Based on Service Size

            Temporary - Based on Service Size

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